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RemotEye Lite Technical features:

Runs on any HTML5-capable device, including Apple iOS, Android or Windows tablets and smartphones, as well as in any modern desktop web browser.

  • Resolution and quality of images can be customized for each kind of client device. Lossless renderings are supported.
  • Can display virtually all kinds and encodings of DICOM image files.
  • Supports searches on studies.
  • Multi-study display interface, supporting custom tiling, comparison with priors and more.
  • Hanging Protocols, with multiple hanging steps for each protocol.
  • Interactive image stacking, window/level, zoom, pan, rotation, flipping.
  • Reference lines and synchronized scrolling among related series, also through 3D cursor.
  • Distance, area and angle measurement tools.
  • Supports download of the original DICOM files of each study (ZIP archive).
  • Supports cine-playback of multi-frame sequences.
  • Supports display of DICOM SR and Encapsulated PDF.
  • CE-marked as class IIa medical device.

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RemotEye Lite sample image of the viewer displayed on multiple device types

RemotEye Lite Viewer Works on desktops, tablets, smartphones



Support for DICOM Image Files

Comprehensive support for essentially all types of DICOM image files, including single-frame, multi-frame, grayscale, color, JPEG-compressed, MPEG-encoded movies, ZIP-compressed studies, and JPEG-2000-compressed (both reversible and irreversible).


Side By Side Comparisions

One of the most requested new features in the new RemotEye Lite, now gives you the ability to create custom hanging protocols which include expanding your ability to manually add studies to compare or even program to automatically load up to 4 prior exams.

Technical Specifications


Print Functions

The ability to print to DICOM printers as well as any standard PC printers.

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  • Angle, distance, density, & surface measurement
  • Graphical annotation¬†
  • Cine-playback of multi-frame sequences
  • Reference lines (scout lines) for CT & MRI studies
  • Reporting functions include support for text reports, DICOM Structured Reports (SR), a&nd voice reports
  • DICOM CD/DVD production functions through the embedded cross-platform auto-running viewer
  • Dual-head display configuration supported
  • Hanging protocols¬†
  • Total range of query/retrieve capabilities
  • Multi-language GUI
  • CE-marked, FDA-listed class I medical device

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