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Custom Medical Imaging Workflow Planning

Medical imaging practices of all sizes can benefit from seamless communication between different imaging systems and your EMR / EHR. The H7 Integration Solution from Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. offers cost savings without sacrificing functionality to bring your teams potential to it’s highest level, enhancing their workflow, decreasing errors, and improve levels of patient care.

Request a Free Quote to upgrade your workflow for your existing EESiPACS Image Archive or as an add on to pur purchase to include an EESiPACS HL7 Interface with your EMR, EHR. Adding modality worklist functionality, an image link back to the EMR / EHR to be placed in the patient chart for fast and efficient viewing of your patients medical imaging & more.

H7 Integration Process

Phase I: Analysis & Review

In Phase I, we will work with you and your staff, to review and critically analyze your existing Medical Imaging devices and your current workflow.

We also support Enhanced HL7 Interfacing workflow process that often will include multiple HL7 Interfaces, one with your EMR / EHR and another simultaneous interface with your Radiology Group which greatly improves reliability and scalability. By Interfacing with both your Radiologist and your EMR, our HL7 experts can build a comprehensive flow of data that results in your Modalities ability efficiently Query the EESIPACS Archive Modality Worklist, for Patient Demographics, then send the medical imaging to EESIPACS Image Archive, autoroute the medical Images out to be over-read, receive the signed report in HL7 back from your radiologist to your EESIPACS to store with the Images. HL7 the report and image link out to your EMR / EHR to place in the patients chart for efficient viewing of the medical images and report.

Phase II: Proposal

Post-analysis, we will create a comprehensive proposal that includes elements needed to create a seamless integration between your new or existing EESiPACS Image Archive and your EMR / EHR. We support Uni-Directional and Bi-Directional HL7 Interfacing with Athena, Cerner, NextGen, Centricity, Allscripts, CPSI, EclinicalWorks ECW, MedHost,HealthLand, Greenway, eMD, eData Platforms, and more. This proposal will include time frame, dependencies, costs associated, and final solution, which will use IHE’s  HL7 and DICOM frameworks that will help enhance patient care while keeping costs low.

Phase III: Integration

In the final phase, we perform the full system integration, including extensive testing to ensure appropriate functionality.

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