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The new RemotEye Lite is the best web based DICOM viewer yet. They have packed it with a ton of new features, one of which include Side By Side comparisons in the HTML5 based DICOM web viewer

RermotEye Lite Study Search Window

The new RemotEye Lite study search window gives you the ability to select more than one exam to load, quicker filtering presets that you can customize to suite your needs.

RemotEye Lite showing a Sample of a single study loaded

This screen shot shows a sample where only one study was loaded into view. Although at this point you have the ability to go back to the search window and Add an additional study to view.











RemotEye Lite displaying Multiple studies side by side

Here is what the new Lite viewer looks like with 2 Studies loaded side by side – this example is a Sample CT study loaded side by side with a DR XRAY exam, you can choose what you want to compare by simply going back to the study search window and select another CT and add to view. Notice the blue tabs that specify Current and 1st prior, and at this point you can even go load more studies if you want to.


















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