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DICOM Workstations

Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESi) offers high performance, cost-effective and highly functional DICOM Workstations to enable healthcare professionals to efficiently display and analyze digital medical images.  These fully DICOM-compliant workstations can receive digital images from the Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESi) PACS server or virtually any imaging modality including x-rays, MRIs, CTs, and more.

Whether you need a Tech Workstation to support general imaging tasks or a Radiology Reading Station to interpret digital radiologic images, the DICOM Workstations from EESi provide an afordable solution without compromising quality. Available with 24-inch or 27-inch high definition color displays, these multi-functional workstations deliver ultrafast performance, an intuitive interactive user interface and vivid clarity for navigating and visualizing multi-modality and multi-dimensional images.

Essential Enterprise solutions offer 24 inch and 27 inch Monotir Displays for DICOM Xray vieweing. These monitors work perfect when in combination with the workstation computer.

DICOM Workstation Specifications

DICOM Support
  • DICOM Storage SCU/SCP
  • DICOM Query/Retrieve SCU
  • Import/Export Capabilities for Various Image Formats (DICOM, TIFF, JPEG, PDF, AVI, MPEG, and QuickTime)
Image Manipulation
  • 3D Volume Rendering
  • 4D Viewer for Cardiac-CT and other Temporal Series
  • 5D Viewer for Cardiac-PET-CT and other Temporal Series
  • Image Fusion with Adjustable Blending Percentage
  • MPR (Multi Planar Reconstruction) with Thick Slab
  • Curved-MPR
  • Surface Rendering
  • Volume Rendering
  • MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection)
  • Stereo Vision with Red/Blue glasses
Technical Specifications
  • I7 64-bit 3.6GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 SDRAM
  • 1TB (minimum) Raid 1 Mirrored Serial ATA Hard Drive
  • 8x CD/DVD Burner
  • 24 inch or higher LED-backlit widescreen Anti-glare, 3H Hard
  • Resolution:
    • 24-inch UltraSharp 24 InfinityEdge Monitor
    • 27-inch UltraSharp 27 InfinityEdge Monitor
  • Millions of colors at all resolutions
  • Viewing Angle (typical): 178 degrees Horizontal, 178 degrees Vertical
  • Brightness (typical): Coating250 cd/m² Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Dual Monitor Display showin in Portrait mode for vieweing DICOM X-Ray images







Essential Enterprise Solutons offers a variety of affordable DICOM Radiology Reading Stations for viewing x-ray images in combination with 24inch and 27inch Ultrasharp Infinity Edge Monitors

FDA 510K cleared DICOM viewing software is available. Please contact us for a quote.