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PACS Archive Solutions

EESi PACS Archive SolutionsIntroduction to PACS

With advances in medical imaging emphasizing digitization, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) offer medical practices economical storage, rapid retrieval and simultaneous access to digital images acquired with multiple modalities. Typically comprised of an image acquisition device, data management system, image storage devices, local or wide area network, display stations, and devices to produce hard-copy images, PACS solutions increase operational efficiency while maintaining or improving diagnostic ability.

PACS Archive Solution Benefits

PACS Archive Solutions offer a myriad of benefits over film archives related to flexibility, efficiencies, cost and time savings. PACS Archive Solutions:
  • Reduce the storage space requirements
  • Reduce the time spent searching for images
  • Virtually eliminate filing and lost image issues
  • Make it easier to comply with HIPAA image storage requirements
  • Lower the cost of doing business by improving the workflow
  • Improves the overall efficiency of the practice and quality of patient care
  • Create the opportunity to handle an increased volume
  • Enable off-site viewing and reporting for authorized users

PACS Archive Solutions from EESi

The PACS Archive Solutions from Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESi) provide a reliable and efficient solution for accessing, storing and distributing digital radiology images from various modalities. EESi's powerful, standards-based PACS Archive platforms offer healthcare professionals the utmost in scalability and flexibility by readily adapting to the size and workflow of any facility. By supporting bi-directional integration and complying with industry standards (DICOM, HL7 and IHE), the PACS Archive Solutions from Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc (EESi) integrate seamlessly with a broad array of third-party compliant systems, modalities and equipment to improve workflow and efficiency.

Whether you are a single physician office or a complex multi-location practice, Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESi) offers a variety of configurations to cost-effectively support virtually any size practice. Best of all, since Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESi) configures its own systems, our engineers can customize a solution to fit your specific budget and needs.

Archive Solutions

Ideal for Clinics and Specialty Practices or for Routing Images in Remote Offices


DICOM Site ServerDICOM Site Server

Pocket PACS XL2Pocket PACS XL2

Pocket PACS XL4Pocket PACS XL4

Capacity - Non-Compressed:
32,258 Images
64,500 Images
180,645 Images
Capacity - Compressed:
96,774 Images
193,548 Images
541,935 Images

Medium Enterprise Solutions

Ideal for Medium-size or Busy Offices with a Higher Volume of Images


4TB PACS Archive4TB PACS Archive

8TB PACS Archive8TB PACS Archive

Capacity - Non-Compressed:
185,806 Images
395,000 Images
Capacity - Compressed:
557,418 Images
1,185,000 Images

Large Enterprise Solutions

Ideal for Imaging/Diagnostic Centers, Community Hospitals or Busy Offices with High Image Volume and Large Files


12TB PACS Archive12TB PACS Archive

16TB PACS Archive16TB PACS Archive

24TB PACS Archive24TB PACS Archive

Capacity - Non-Compressed:
588,380 Images
784,506 Images
1,114,838 Images
Capacity - Compressed:
1,760,000 Images
2,353,519 Images
3,344,516 Images